Educators are using the hashtag #ArmMeWith to propose other resources they would rather be armed with instead of guns. Submit your video story and/or print your sign to tell us what you would rather be armed with!

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Sam DeMuro (@samdemuro)
California Teachers Association - HQ

Nora Allstedt (@nallstedt)
Exeter Teachers Association

Danny Blas (@dbblas)
San Diego Education Association

Edith Salvatore (@edijkelly)
Sequoia District Teachers Association

Tammy Capilla (@TammyCapilla)
Mountain View Teachers Association (Los Angeles Co.)

Erika L Zamora (@erikalizette18 & @RMKCounselor )
Alvord Educators Association

Gabriela Orozco Gonzalez (@commoncorecafe)
Montebello Teachers Association

Renata Sanchez (@renatasjta)

San Jose Teachers Association

Brian Wheatley (@eta1963)
Evergreen Teachers Association

Miriam Matos-brown
Kern County Education Association

Veronica Miranda-Pinkney (@veronica49ers)
San Jose Teachers Association

Jayson Chang (@ChangYourWorld)
East Side Teachers Association

Karen Sauer (@Littlebear13)
San Jose Teachers Association

Julie Klinkenberg (@JulieMommaklink)
Anaheim Elementary Education Association

Andrew Shrock (@historyshrocks)
Simi Educators Association

Samantha Damanhoury (@Samantha_D91)
San Marcos (Region IV)

Maritza (@ritz_is_to_be )

Eric Heins (@EricHeins)
Pittsburg Education Association

Mike Willmarth (@MikeWillmarth)

Ian Keith
Saddleback Valley Educators Association

Sonya Navarro (@sonyy_19)
Student CTA